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About Us

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SAS Angels stems from the SAS Corporation that includes SAS Movie Studio, SAS Rentals, SAS Casting and its other affiliated sister companies. 

Having had our hands in studio films such as Iron Man 3, X-Men, Men in Black, The Hunger Games, It (2017), The Dark Knight, Star Trek... We thrive to produce the best in the industry when it comes to production.

SAS Angels is held as another example to generate the greatest pool of high-end actors and models than any other talent agencies.

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The Los Angeles Fashion Show is the seasonal event powered by SAS and delivers dazzling shows from designers across the world, equipped with their unique cultural significance, artistic style, and dramatic performances!

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sas angels fashion show
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SAS Angels will be part of the greatest scale of production in the fashion and film industry, providing opportunities all year round from SAS networking events, film productions from major studios, and fashion shows in

Los Angeles,

New York,

Miami, Dubai,

and Hong Kong!

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